How Can You Protect Your Newly Refinished Hardwood Floors From Your Christmas Tree?

So your hardwood refinishing is finally finished, and just in time for the holidays. Unfortunately, Christmas trees can present a particular challenge for hardwood. Between water stains from the tree stand and scratches from the needles and trunk of the tree, Christmas trees can do a lot of damage. These tips will help you protect your hardwood floors this Christmas season. Protect Your Floors As You Position the Tree Have another person help you bring in the tree and place it in the tree stand, so the tree will be completely lifted off the ground as you bring it into the house. [Read More]

What's the Difference Between Hardwood Floor Screening and Refinishing?

Hardwood floors offer rich color, natural beauty and durability, making them an ideal flooring finish in almost any type of home. While hardwood holds up well to years of heavy traffic and abuse, even the toughest floors can suffer dents, dings, scratches and discoloration over time. Even if your floor is spared these signs of damage, its protective finish coating may become dull, scratched, dirty or simply worn away over the years. [Read More]

Answering Questions Homeowners May Have About Having Carpet Installed

Having carpet installed can significantly improve the comfort of a home, but there are many homeowners that have limited experience with this type of flooring. For these individuals, it can be difficult to determine whether or not this is a suitable option. If this applies to you, having the following two questions answered should help you to be far better prepared to decide if upgrading to carpet floors is right for your house. [Read More]

Want A Warehouse Style Man Cave? Finish Your Basement With These Touches

If you are creating a man cave in the basement and you want it to look like an old city warehouse for an industrial feel, there are some affordable things you can do to the space. Changing the basement will add usable square footage to the home and improve the home value later on, all while giving you your own space to relax and unwind. If you have a blank space without drywall or flooring it should be easy to make the changes that you want. [Read More]