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Tips For Cleaning Your Granite Floors

In order to make sure that you are able to keep your granite floors as clean as possible without causing them any damage, you will want to check out the following tips.

Complete A Dry Mopping Of Your Floor Every Day

Dry mopping is essentially dusting, but you are using a soft dry mop instead of a dusting rag. You will want to do this at least once every single day. By keeping up with the dry mopping of your granite floor, you will ensure that you are keeping the buildup of dust and little rocks away. The little rocks, which some could be too small to easily see as you walk through the house, can severely scratch up the granite when you drag them forcefully along the granite with your feet.

Be Careful With What Cleaners You Use On Your Granite

Never use bleach or any abrasive cleaners that can stain or scratch the surface of the granite floors. Instead, you will want to stick with the granite-approved cleaners. You should have no trouble finding the correct type of cleaning solution at your local department or home improvement store. Just make sure that you are following the directions on the solution so you will get the best results and not end up with a sticky layer of film on your granite floors.

Immediately Clean Up Anything That Spills On The Granite

It is vital that you are immediately cleaning up any food or drink that spills on the floor. This is because granite can be easily stained from food and drinks. To help spot clean that particular area, you can use warm water and a gentle soap. Just make sure that you are using a clean wet rag with just plain water to wipe up any residual soap scum that was left behind. You can then hand dry that spot on the granite floor in order to ensure that no one slips, falls, and injuries themselves. You can allow the floors to dry on their own if no one is going to step around that area for a while.

With the previously mentioned three tips, you should have little problem making sure that you are going to be able to keep your granite floors in the best possible shape. All you have to do now is go out and purchase a couple of quality soft mops and the best granite floor cleaner that you can find in your local stores.

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