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How To Remove Carpet From Subfloors

Installing new carpet in your home is one of the most cost effective home remodels. The cost of the product and the price of installation labor is minimal compared to other flooring options like wood and tile. If you are going to have carpet installed in your home, you can still make it even cheaper. The best way to reduce the cost of your carpet installation is to remove the old carpet on your own. It is a simple project, but it does require a little bit of lifting. This article explains how to remove your carpet and tack strips from two different types of subfloors.

Removing Carpet from Concrete Subfloors

Removing your carpet from a concrete subfloor is very easy if you have the right tools. First, you need to peel up a corner of the carpet. You can usually dig up an edge underneath the baseboard. A small crow bar or flathead screwdriver can help you get underneath the baseboard. There are carpet removing tools, but they are really only intended for large jobs, so you probably won't need one for your home. You can hook the edge of the carpet with the claw end of a hammer so you can pull it up with a strong grip. You will also need a utility knife to cut the carpet into smaller pieces that you can lug out of your house. The carpet pad is easy to roll up and remove.

The only other hard thing to remove is the carpet strip. To remove the carpet strip from a concrete floor, you just need a hammer. The key is to identify where the strips is attached to the subfloor. Look for the large nail heads. The trick is to hammer the side of the wood, right next to the nail head. This should pop the nail out the floor. The nails are short and thick, so they can be knocked out of the floor with ease. The concrete will crumble a bit, but you can easily clean up the small mess.

Removing Carpet from Wooden Subfloors

To remove carpet from wooden subfloors you will use all the same tools and techniques, except when it comes to removing the tack strips. To remove the tack strips you need to use a hammer and a chisel. Hammer the chisel underneath the strip (again, near the nail head) and then pry it up. Tack strips are generally very thin and made out of cheap wood, so expect it to break as you pry it up.

If all of your carpet, pads and strips are removed from your subfloor, you can reduce the cost of the carpet installation. For more information, talk to a carpet dealer.