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How To Decorate Your Bedroom With A Botanical Theme

If you are planning to decorate your bedroom with a botanical theme, think of words like nature and light. Those two words bring to mind the outdoors, and those are elements that you can incorporate into your decorating. Here are some ideas that might help you to create a room that is both unique and attractive.

The Wall Treatment - Wallpaper with designs like flowers, bamboo, palms, ferns, parrots and pineapples all lend themselves to botanical decorating. Another great wallpaper selection would be grasscloth, which is made from strands of real grasses.

If you want to create a unique natural look yourself, you can do a pretty neat treatment where you embed actual leaves right into the wet paint on your walls. Just choose enough leaves to place at strategic places, adhere them to wet paint and then, after the paint has dried go over the entire surface again with one or two additional coats of paint.

The Furniture - Rattan or wicker furniture would both be great choices for a room with a botanical theme. If you have enough space in the room, consider hanging a hammock or a swing for added interest. Mamasan or Papasan chairs would also be great additions. For the end tables, think about using old whiskey barrels and for the coffee table, an antique steamer chest would be a real conversation starter.

The Window Treatment - As you plan the treatment you'll use for your windows, think of objects you would find in the outdoors.

  • Draperies containing patterns of plants and animals found in jungles would add drama to the room.
  • Curtains made of fabric with images of dragonflies, butterflies, birds, flowers and green foliage.
  • If you have selected a botanical pattern for your bedspread, consider using the same fabric for your draperies.
  • A plain bedspread would look great with the addition of throw pillows made of the same fabric as your curtains.
  • Consider adding tie-backs with botanical objects like brass dragonflies, pewter pineapples, or ceramic animals.
  • Another good window treatment is to have wooden shelves built right into the window space, Fill the shelves with small potted plants of assorted varieties.
  • Venetian blinds or wooden shutters are a perfect match for the botanical home decor you will select for your bedroom.

Look for window treatments and other materials at companies like Morris Paint & Floor Coverings IncAs you shop for things like pineapple lamps, botanical planters and hanging baskets, don't forget to look at stores that sell objects from all over the world. They can be a great source for inspiration and design elements.