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How Can You Protect Your Newly Refinished Hardwood Floors From Your Christmas Tree?

So your hardwood refinishing is finally finished, and just in time for the holidays. Unfortunately, Christmas trees can present a particular challenge for hardwood. Between water stains from the tree stand and scratches from the needles and trunk of the tree, Christmas trees can do a lot of damage. These tips will help you protect your hardwood floors this Christmas season.

Protect Your Floors As You Position the Tree

Have another person help you bring in the tree and place it in the tree stand, so the tree will be completely lifted off the ground as you bring it into the house. If you must bring in the tree alone and must drag it on the floor, attach a thick towel or blanket around the trunk of the tree to protect your floors from scratches.

Set up your tree stand before bringing in the tree so you won't have to drag the stand around the floor after putting the tree in inside. If you must reposition the tree stand after putting the tree inside, remove the tree first. Don't drag the tree stand from one location to another, even just a few inches. The metal legs of your tree stand will easily produce deep, obvious scratches on your floor.

Protect Your Floors From Water Stains

The best way to protect your hardwood floors from water stains is to use an artificial tree. However, if you must use a real Christmas tree, then protect the floors with a waterproof Christmas tree mat placed under the tree. Set up the mat before ever putting the Christmas tree stand on the floor. Dry the floor beneath the mat before putting the mat down. Do this even if the floor already looks dry, because any moisture trapped under the mat can do damage to your floors.

Use a mat that is large enough to extend all the way to the bottom edge of the Christmas tree. This extra width will help ensure that water from the Christmas tree stand won't be able to get under the mat. Don't put water in the Christmas tree stand until the tree itself is in place.

Protect Your Floors from Dried Needles

Shake off the Christmas tree before bringing it into your house. This will help you rid the house of any needles that can get caught under shoes and scratch your hardwood floors. Once the Christmas tree is in place, put a skirt under the tree to help catch any dried needles that may fall from the tree. Vacuum or sweep around the tree on a daily basis to get rid of any stray needles.

For more information about how you can protect your hardwood floors this holiday season, talk to your hardwood floor refinishing company at http://idahohardwoodflooring.com. They can give you tips and advice that will help ensure that your floors will continue to look their best throughout the winter.